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Owning a property is a great thing. However, managing and looking after your precious piece of property can be one tedious and exasperating job, taking into account the number and variance of responsibilities, procedures and the compliance to property market standards coupled with all the legalities involved. If you are an on-job professional, a busy landlord, or an offshore investor, looking after your property becomes even more difficult. It requires an immense input of time, efforts and resources. Alongside its selling, buying and letting services in London's property market, Represent Property Group offers professional and comprehensive property management solutions

Located in the heart of London, and with our competence and occupational expertise earned through an apt knowledge, experience and specific familiarity with London's real estate sector, we offer you a variety of solutions to cater to your property management needs and ensure that your property is looked after and taken care of in a way that turns it into a profitable venture in present and future prospects. Our Property Management service portfolio inculcates and delivers to the following property management requisites: 

Our Property Management Service Portfolio 

Standards Compliance 

  • Getting the property endorsed with utility service standards and related safety certifications
  • Maintenance as per the local real estate property standards  

Legal Compliance 

  • Issuance of legal notices 
  • Administering inventory income and outflow 
  • Tenancy change notifications to utility services providers 

Documentations and Internal Communication 

  • 9-5 regular and 24/7 emergency communication and response system
  • Liaison with market analysts and experts for profitable decisions and recommendations
  • Regular inspection reports, visit invitations and maintenance notifications 

Inspections and Follow Ups 

  • Arranging regular inspections and checkup visits for timely repairs, maintenance and damage prevention 
  • Managing a smooth flow of information between the landlord, tenant and/or other stakeholders 

Finances and Assets Management 

  • Deposit management with tenants  
  • Rental and service charges estimation 
  • Rent collection and taxes and mortgage management 
  • Market evaluation in terms of trends and forecasts and real estate counseling to the owner to land for the most profitable future decisions.

Our Property Management services are not confined to a particular domain or client group. Our diverse service portfolio circumscribes and delivers to London's residential and commercial real estate sectors alike, with credible, trusted and expert property management services and solutions. We are readily accessible and take pride in building and fostering relationships not only with the local client base but also extending our services to foreign landlords, realtors and investors.

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